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Research and Development: The Launch Pad of Innovation

Research and development is a thought-provoking area of the aerospace industry, where a modest project can lead to unexpected discoveries that go far beyond the science of flight to improve our daily lives.

R&D ranges from basic R&D that embraces investigations with no immediate practical objective to research that is oriented to creating products or improving product performance.

NASA-funded R&D has produced materials that are not only used in space suits to protect astronauts from the harsh space environment but are now used to protect firefighters. Barcode technology developed by NASA to track millions of spacecraft parts is universally used in modern commerce.

From great medical discoveries and powerful defensive systems to the invention of the Internet, governments have historically provided the resources and environment needed for scientific researchers to excel.

R&D conducted by the industry itself advances the competitive positions of the U.S. aerospace industry in the international marketplace but also provides untold benefits for the safety, environmental friendliness, and consumer comfort of the traveling public.