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National Air and Space Museum
The National Air and Space Museum's Web site has information on the Museum's school programs, classroom resources, and information. Plan to plan visit the world's most popular air and space museum.

Milestones of Flight
This interactive database contains one hundred milestones from the first century of flight. The milestones cover the full spectrum of international aviation, from the first successful powered flights of 1903 through the Space Shuttle missions of 1999.

Centennial of Flight
The national "Centennial of Flight: Born of Dreams - Inspired by Freedom" Web site commemorates 100 years of aviation history. The Web site has a comprehensive collection of outstanding educational essays, multimedia, and links regarding the history of flight.

Federal Aviation Agency: A Legacy of Flight
With each milestone in the history of flight, the FAA was there to present critical research, develop and improve vital technologies, and ensure the safety of the flying public. This chronology describes highlights and milestones in the FAA's history.